A Mystery of History

One Holy Nation: A Mystery of History ~ The Lost Tribes of Israel by James Slobodzien offers a guide to the Bible to help readers understand God’s Grand Family Plan. If you have ever wondered what religion is the true religion, this book comes highly recommended. Though an “unorthodox guide to the Bible that will help you to discover it’s perfect consistency, and its’ complete unity,” the author unveils the mystery of the ages told from Genesis to Revelation.

Focusing on the proliferation of different religions, the author gives a broad overview combined with an intricate understanding to God’s Divine design and covenants for all of humanity that make One Holy Nation (referring to the Royal Priesthood available to all Believers) an insightful and invigorating read. From start to finish, the author offers readers an easy-to-read guide that declares the Bible, its’ supremacy as the Word of God, and truth of Scriptures that unveil the Ancient Path Way, shedding light upon sources of pagan holidays and the Ancient Path shown in Scripture.

Describing God’s original plan for humanity and the Lost Tribes of Israel, the author uncovers the mystery of the Jews, the Lost Tribes of Israel, and the Jewish roots of Christianity that is offered to all humanity through God’s great plan of salvation and Covenants throughout the Ages (7 in all). Discover the Jewish Jesus, His mission to the Lost Sheep of Israel and how the Jews’ rejection of Him, led to the salvation and redemption of the Gentiles.  With insight from many well-known scientists, philosophers and theorists the author also delves into explaining Evolution, Darwinism and many other well-known false representations of truth.

With the presentation of the 7 keys to understanding God’s Master Plan, the author gives readers’ strong Biblical evidence, background from the beginning of time, debunks false theories, offers a complete comprehension of Satan and the fallen 1/3 angels that offer a look into the realm of the spirit and spiritual warfare, to include the heavenly realms. The 7 Dispensational Ages are the foundational teaching and thus the author defines them throughout the book that give great understanding to God and His promises that “span from the beginning until the end of time.” 

Beginning with the Adamic Covenant and ending with The Age of the Kingdom (the Universal Family), this book provides Biblical insight and scripture verses unveiling the Lost Tribes of Israel, thus ending in One Holy Nation – a remnant of Believers reconciled through the blood of Jesus in Unity as One Body (the Body of Christ) that will be gathered from every tribe, tongue and nation as His chosen people.

Discover your purpose and part in this great unfolding drama as End-Time prophecies are revealed, giving hope and inspiration for the future in Jesus, as the true Messiah.

A fantastic, insightful read!

*Additional note: While the subject matter may seem daunting and the Bible traditionally a difficult book to comprehend, the author has written an analysis and guide that will make understanding the Bible, God, His plan for humanity, false religions and the future End-Time prophecies an enjoyable and easy-to-read book.

*Additionally, the author notes that this book is written as a “sister” companion book to his book, Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden by Organized Christianity.